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About Us

About Us

About Us

Miranda’s Grocery Store is a classic Hispanic-owned, mom-and-pop shop in Pilsen, Chicago.

Founded in 1996, the unique family-owned corner store has been a staple of the Pilsen community for 25 years and counting! Liz Miranda and her husband Steve run the place as if it were their home, serving goodies, fresh products, and sandwiches to the entire neighborhood.

You can come by Miranda’s to do your grocery shopping or stop in for a quick bite at their delicious deli. Fresh sandwiches are prepared every day for eager customers that come rushing to the corner store bodega at lunchtime.

Everything at Miranda’s is made with fresh, high-quality products. Don’t forget to try their famous Torta de Jamon, a delicious Mexican Ham Sandwich traditionally made in Miranda’s Grocery since the very beginning, when Liz’s father opened the shop 25 years ago.

From their American sandwiches to their great Bella’s Italian Sandwich, or the spicy All Beef Hotdogs with pickles and jalapeños, Miranda’s food is always prepared with the love and dedication that only home-cooked food can deliver, making you feel cozy and comfortable, just like at home!

Come by the neighborhood grocery store and have a bite of their exquisite Turkey sandwiches, or try the incredible Tuna Sandwiches. And, if you’re looking for a quick snack, Miranda’s Grocery’s famous Nachos and Elotes will satisfy your cravings.

Look for the little corner store at 1037 W 19th St, near the upcoming blue cross blue shield building, close to 18th main street. Sit down, have a drink, eat tasty food and do your home shopping at Pilsen’s best fresh market and convenience store!

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